The Course

From having fun with SVG animations to tackling reponsive design, you'll soon become an ace at CSS.

Course days will consist of a short CSS lesson, an interactive example exercise, a fun daily playlist, a list of resources and a coding challenge.


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  • Welcome & Development Environment Set Up
  • CSS Syntax
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • CSS Variables
  • Client Day ✨
  • Box Model
  • Positioning & Centering
  • Background
  • Client Day ✨


  • CSS Flexbox
  • Responsive Design
  • CSS Grid
  • Wireframes & Layouts
  • Client Day ✨
  • Website Case Study
  • Form Elements
  • Crazy CSS Tricks
  • Client Day ✨


  • Animations Part 1
  • Animations Part 2
  • Creating CSS Images
  • Animating CSS Images
  • Client Day ✨
  • Creating SVG Images
  • Animating SVG Images
  • Preprocessors
  • Client Day ✨


  • CSS Tools, Tricks & Tips
  • Final Project ✨

Client Days

Throughout the course you will work with various employees of Mascot Co, a cool new co-working space. Their website and blog are in desperate need of a refresh. Can you navigate the various personailites and client demands to deliver an awesome product?

Marketing Strategist

UX Developer

Software Engineer

Design Director

Event Director

Client day challenges include creating a new Mascot Co blog, updating the Mascot Co website, building a form for the Mascot Co annual hackathon and more! Each Mascot Co staff member will bring along new project requirements, limitations and their quirky personalities. Get a taste of what its like to build with a client!