The Course

illustration of a red notebook with a What the CSS?! logo (question mark and exclamation point) on it.

The Course

The 30 day journey consists of a mix of Challenge Days and Client Days. Each day will include a CSS lesson, an example project or interactive exercise, a challenge, resources and a music playlist.

Challenge Days

On Challenge Days, you will receive a short CSS lesson, an interactive exercise with a list of resources, ending with a coding challenge.

Client Days

Client Days will introduce you to a Mascot Co. employee that is in desperate need of your coding expertise.

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abstract illustration of a website

The Basics

  • Welcome & Development Environment Set Up
  • CSS Syntax
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • CSS Variables
  • Client Day
  • Box Model
  • Positioning & Centering
  • Background
  • Client Day
abstract illustration of a website

Layouts & Forms

  • CSS Flexbox
  • Responsive Design
  • CSS Grid
  • Wireframes & Layouts
  • Client Day
  • Website Case Study
  • Form Elements
abstract illustration of a website

The Fun Stuff

  • Amazing CSS Tricks
  • Client Day
  • Animations Part 1
  • Animations Part 2
  • Creating CSS Images
  • Animating CSS Images
  • Client Day
  • Creating SVG Images
  • Animating SVG Images

The Finale

  • Preprocessors
  • Client Day
  • CSS Tools, Tricks & Tips
  • Final Project

Client Days

Create a new Mascot Co blog, update the Mascot Co. website, build a form for the Mascot Co annual hackathon and more!

The Mascot Co. team will bring along new project requirements, limitations, and their quirky personalities. By day 30 you will have a variety of completed content to share!

Image of a group of animals dressed like people including a black cat, a bulldog, a fox, a bunny and a flamingo

Meet the Staff

Each Client Day will introduce a new Mascot Co. team member.

Client Day 1

a painter's palette with a paint brush

Work With

Flamingo Fonts, Graphic Designer

Work On

Branding & Style

Client Day 2

a marketing slide with a graph

Work With

Bulldog Style, Marketing Strategist

Work On

Existing Page Redesign

Client Day 3

a monocle with a chain

Work With

Fox Frame, UX Developer

Work On

Layout Reorganization

Client Day 4

a bow tie

Work With

Bunny Grid, Event Director

Work On

Create Forms

Client Day 5

laptop with a cat image as the desktop background

Work With

Cat Less, Software Engineer

Work On

Build Animations & UI Interactions

Client Day 6

a to-go coffee cup

Work With

All Mascot Co. Staff

Work On

Build a Brand New Page