The Team

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Who We Are

Rebecca and Devon working on their laptops at Compass Coffee Devon, Brittany and Nathan posing at the top of a peak at Shenandoah National Park Brittany, Devon, Nathan and Rebecca posting for an image at a Boardgame event

Our team is a Washington, DC based group of quirky creatives that have a genuine love for web development. We are three coding bootcamp grads and one clutch graphic designer taking on the challenge of making CSS more approachable and fun, even for those that declare “I can’t CSS!”.

Check out our blog for updates on the course, CSS tricks, project showcases and more!

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Our Team

Illustrated headshot of a black cat wearing a sweater

Brittany Walker

Founder & Developer


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Illustrated headshot of a flamingo wearing a blue t-shirt

Rebecca Price

Graphic Designer


Unironic La Croix lovergrapefruit la croix can
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Devon Charles

Founder & UX Designer


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Illustrated headshot of a bunny wearing a bowtie and glasses

Nathan León

Front-End Developer


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Illustrated headshot Renly, Nathan's dog

Renly León

Bork of Directors

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Illustrated headshot of Ipa, Rebeccas dog

Ipa Price

Bork of Directors

Shy but loud