What the CSS?!

Family portrait of What the CSS?! mascots including a bull dog, a flamingo, a black cat, a bunny and a fox all wearing clothing.


A 30 Day Email Course

What the CSS?! teaches the fun, tricky, and practical parts of CSS! You will receive quirky daily exercises, unique challenges and even test your skills working with a demanding client.

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An illustrated black cat wearing a sports jersey
An illustrated flamingo wearing 80s workout gear
an illustrated fox wearing an American revolutionary solider's uniform
an illustrated fox wearing an American revolutionary solider's uniform, flamingo wearing 80s workout gear and black cat wearing a sports jersey

50+ Challenges & Exercises

The course includes more than 50 fun themed exercises and challenges that can serve as awesome pieces for your portfolio.

Each challenge day centers around a fun theme where you’ll be tasked to direct your own theatre production, build a sports team homepage, create your own retro fitness commercial and more!

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The Course

From SVG animations to tackling reponsive design, you’ll soon discover all the awesome things CSS has to offer.

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Client Days

The Event Director at Mascot Co. needs a funky event form, stat!

Throughout the course you will work with various employees of Mascot Co., a company offering cool co-working spaces, to complete a series of web projects. Can you navigate the various personalities and client demands to deliver awesome products?

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Bonus Content

Haven't had enough? We've got you covered! Daily resources and a themed playlist of fun songs are there to support your 30 day journey.

Each day will include a mini playlist of songs to get you in the groove as you code! Look out for cool extras in your course emails!

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