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What the CSS?! is a 30 day email course teaching the fun, tricky, and practical parts of CSS! You will receive daily exercises and challenges and even test your skills working with a demanding client.

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50 + Challenges & Exercises

The course includes more than 50 fun themed exercises and challenges that will not only teach you CSS but also can serve as awesome pieces for your portfolio.

Each challenge day centers around a fun theme where you'll be tasked to create your own cast of board game characters, build a sports team homepage, make a comic book cover and more!

The Curriculum

From having fun with SVG animations to tackling reponsive design, you'll soon become an ace at CSS. Click the button below to dive into a full list of the CSS topics this course will cover!

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Meet Bunny

The Event Director at Mascot Co needs you to build a funky event form, stat!

Throughout the course you will work with various employees of Mascot Co, a cool new co-working space. Their website and blog are in desperate need of a refresh.

Can you navigate the various personalities and client demands to deliver an awesome product?

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Bonus Content

And if that isn't enough for you, we got you covered! Daily resources and a themed playlist of fun songs are there to support you in your 30 day journey. View below for highlights on our avaliable bonus content!



“Are you Ready for This”? Are you ready to master CSS? “We’re All In This Together” so “Let's Get It Started” and sign up for What the CSS?! By the end of the course, styling websites will no longer just be full of “Hard Times” and writing CSS will be like “Walking On Sunshine”!

Get in the zone with a daily What the CSS?! soundtrack. Each day will include a mini playlist of songs related to the daily theme.

Grow Your Skills

Through over 50 challenges and exercises, become a:

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